Year 2: Building A Metal Pipe Sukkah

Last year’s PVC sukkah was certainly economical, but this year we wanted something a bit more sturdy. Despite the concrete feet, the PVC sukkah swayed a little too much for comfort and the top sagged a little…well, more than a little. You can see the sag in these pictures.

This year, I decided to buy one of the commonly available metal pipe sukkot in my neighborhood. I see tons of these around so I knew they must be pretty good. I found the sukkah for sale by cruising up and down Pico Blvd here in Los Angeles. I decided on the 10×10 sukkah from Pico Sukkah Center which sounds like some kind of emporium but it is really just sold out of the small restaurant, Metro Glatt Kosher.

The sukkah contained the metal pipes, the corner pieces, 4 plastic canvases, and special bungy cords…70 of them!

Sukkah Supplies

The flyer for the sukkah, the key corner pieces and the box full of stuff we got

Metal Pipe Sukkah Going Up!

Un-binding the metal pipes; putting up the schach; the metal frame is complete

The metal pipes were super easy to put together. Be sure to connect the pipes for the bottom square before putting the vertical ones up. For the schach, we had a bit of an issue because I decided not the take the easy route which is just to buy it from Pico Sukkah Center. Instead, I thought it would be cheaper to buy it from Lowes. What I didn’t consider was that the schach needs to be held up by something both for logistic reasons and halacha states that the schach shouldn’t touch the frame. So, that meant hubby had to take an extra trip to Lowes to get some 2x4s.

Schach from Lowes

 Reed Fence Panel from Lowes is the schach

2x4 Holding Up Schach

Oooh, shade…2×4 Holding Up schach

The Sukkah Frame is Done!

The sukkah frame is done!

The canvas sides were a cinch to put together because the sukkah came with these special bungy cords. Although the sukkah came with 4 canvases, we only needed 2.

Now Time For A Rest

Don’t let this picture fool you…it was easy!

My husband is a man of few words. Usually when he looks like this it means he’s had enough DIY for the weekend. It’s nothing beer and an hour of American Football can’t cure. Although this sukkah was definitely easier to put together than last year, it was blisteringly hot in LA the day we put it up so the suffering seemed greater than it really should have been. Were it not for the additional trip for the 2x4s we could have finished it in less than an hour. And as for sturdy…it is much sturdier than the PVC one we did.

Now the fun part…decorating it!



  • We do the pipe sukkah, as well. This is the first year, to avoid the hubby collapse on the lawn, that we actually had help come in. Our pipe sukkah is about 20 years old and still in great shape. The only flaw is that the plastic tarps can make it very hot in the afternoon. Be certain that the widgets and bolts are dry before you put it away. A bit o’ WD-40 on the widgets helps to keep it rust free. It lasts and lasts and lasts.

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