Thrifting an Eclectic Yom Kippur Table Setting

Yom Kippur Table Setting

Although I am a committed home decor shopaholic, I do love a little thrifting too. In fact, I may enjoy thrifting a little too much. I could spend all day looking at old tableware and bric-a-brac in charity, thrift, and consignment shops. I love to do this when traveling too as there are a lot of regional differences even in places where the main street shops seem eerily similar.

For Yom Kippur I love a white table and this type of look is great for a thrifted collection. You know what they say, whenever in doubt, buy white and that is certainly true when thrifting. It is hard to go wrong when you are combining plain white, glass and silver. Here are my top tips when thrifting for the table:


I’ve been wanting a set of miss-matched dinnerware for years. I’ve been eyeing Williams-Sonoma’s Eclectique Dinnerware, but it’s too rich for my blood, so I finally decided to thrift my own. Whether the shapes are simple and clean, floral, or geometric, white dishes always go great together. Be sure the whiteness is the same in all your dishes and not venturing into ivory for some.


I see sets of eights and sixes in glassware and stemware all the time in thrift stores. Watch out for the prices though, as some charity shops charge even more than a new set. When thrifting, don’t pay more than a dollar a glass and examine the rim for chips.


Great, classic, white table linen is always worth purchasing new but you can find some interesting lace pieces that have a lot of character at the thift stores. Hampton Court in the UK has some really excellent thrift and consignment stores where I bought the piece of lace in the picture for a few pounds.


It is hard to find a complete and clean set of modern flatware but you can find bits and pieces of antique silver that look great when mixed and matched. Be sure to check the marks to ensure it is real silver. The real stuff will be easy to polish. Stainless steel and unmarked metals might be more difficult, if not permanently stained.


Although every style is represented, keep an eye out for cut glass candle holders. Real crystal is also not uncommon in thrift stores. Be sure to examine the holder to make sure standard candle sizes will fit. Don’t let built up wax and soot daunt you. That will typically clean up easy, leaving you with a stunning find.


Although not required for Yom Kippur, I’ve been meaning to write about thrifting kiddush cups for ages. I see loads of silver and cut glass goblets that would make lovely kiddush cups. The one in the photo cost $8 and is plated in sterling silver.


Come to think of it, I never see napkin rings at thrift stores. I wonder where they go to die…hmmm.

– –

Thrifting can add a lot of character to what you find in the Main Street stores. But it is time consuming and not for someone that doesn’t love to shop. For those of you that don’t have the time or inclination, don’t fret, I’ll be curating some great thrifted pieces soon for the Chai & Home Shop. Stay tuned!



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