Start the Year with a Jewish Calendar

Jewish Wall Calendar

Want to increase your observance of Jewish holidays but don’t know where to start?

For years I had wanted to improve my observance, but I could never get it kickstarted. All my best intentions were unfulfilled as I never seemed to be prepared for any of the Jewish holidays. Being raised in a completely non-observant household, I didn’t have an intuitive feel for the cycle of the Jewish year…what was coming up and when…how to even get started. I had books, I took classes, I got the event listing from a nearby temple, but still I would unintentionally miss most of the holidays.

Then it all changed when I purchased a Jewish calendar.

Jewish Calendar Planner

It is such a simple thing and seems so painfully obvious now, but it was the catalyst to begin to live a Jewish lifestyle. With a Jewish calendar all is revealed. Every holiday, big or small, even the Torah portion in some calendars. With the calendar, for the first time I saw things coming months in advance. I didn’t find out it was Purim because someone came over with a Purim basket! (seriously, this actually happened)

But one of the first things I became dissatisfied with as a home decor connoisseur was…Jewish calendars. I couldn’t really find a Jewish calendar that was stylish and practical. None of them were anything I would want on my wall or on my desk, so last year I started making my own.

Great Jewish Quotations Jewish Wall Calendar | Chai & Home

I strive to make my calendars practical for real life while still being beautifully modern. I choose sustainable materials with papers that consist mainly if not entirely of recycled pulp. I also choose binding methods that are 100% recyclable or compostable, so there is zero waste when the calendar is through. For me, in the age in which we live, less waste is an important part of tikkun olam.

So if you are interested in beginning your practice or are struggling for regularity in your observance, I highly recommend buying a Jewish calendar. Mine are available on the Chai & Home ShopEtsy or Modern Tribe and you can get the standard variety at any good Judaica retailer. If you are 100% digital, you can also turn on Jewish holidays in Yahoo! and Gmail.