Spice Mixes from The Shuk

You know when your neighbor comes running out of her house in her pajamas to chase you down that she’s got something very important to tell you. Fortunately, she wasn’t going to tell me to get Georgie off her lawn! Instead, she had recently been to Israel and brought back a wonderful find. It’s one of those things where you are like, “why don’t we have that back home?” Her find was what they simply call “spice” in the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem…but it’s not just spice, it is pre-combined spice mix recipes you can buy and add to rice, stews, sautees, almost anything.

Here are what the spice mixes look like in the market. They are on the top two shelves in this picture. The signs at the stall read things like: Mexican, Curry, Persian, and Shakshuka (oooh). The prices are about 7-9 shekels, or 2-2.50 USD for a bag. You can see how much you get in a bag below, but a bag probably has at least 2-3 servings.

Spices from The Shuk | Chai & Home

Here is how they bag it up for you. Pretty simple but you can’t believe the smell and the color. Each one is so different.

Spices Mixes from Machane Yehuda Market | Chai & Home

Each mix is made up of ground spices combined with other things like dried onion, garlic, raisins, pinenuts, lentils, and a host of things I couldn’t even identify.

Spices Mixes from Machane Yehuda Market | Chai & Home

Here’s a closer look…

Spices Mixes from Machane Yehuda Market | Chai & Home

This is the Mexican one…

Spices Mixes from Machane Yehuda Market | Chai & Home

And this is the one makes Persian rice…

Spices Mixes from Machane Yehuda Market | Chai & Home

You can’t beat the convenience of a thing like this…no measuring out spices, just dump it in your rice and bam! My neighbor kindly gave me a sample of the Curry one which I’m looking forward to using. The next time you are in Israel, go check out the Spice Man in The Shuk and pick yourself up a bag or two.



  • The Spice Way in Studio City in, Los Angeles has premixed spices blends for: rice and quinoa, meat, poultry, fish, salads, cheese, soup, vegetables, omelets, and fruits. They also have tea infusions, variety of salts and peppers, oils and vinegars and aromatic body washes and serums. But my favorites are their halvas and honeys that are imported from Israel, yummy!

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