Show Your Pride with These Jewish Enamel Pins

I don’t know if you guys have been aware, but enamel pins have been at the heart of a tchotchke resurgence. I am pretty immune to most fads, preferring to own only the essentials the fashion realm (I spend everything on the home), but I couldn’t resist these enamel pins when I saw them with Jewish iconography. Made by designer Piece of History in Israel, I’ve added these Jewish enamel pins to my store just in time for Hanukkah. They are a serious Bubbe’s bargain too, at only $9 each!

I am carrying three of them: an Oy Vey enamel pin, a Chai enamel pin, and a Stone Tablets pin.

Jewish Enamel Pins | Chai & Home

I couldn’t resist the Oy Vey one. This is so appropriate for me since I probably say “oy vey” a hundred times each day.

Oy Vey Jewish Enamel Pin | Chai & Home

I like to wear all three together, but the Chai enamel pin definitely can stand on it’s own. I love how juicy the font looks, it is such a modern update of the traditional Chai.

Chai Jewish Enamel Pin | Chai & Home

These stone tablets pins make a great b’nai mitzvah gift. I think stuck through a Mazel Tov card would be a nice touch.

Tablets Jewish Enamel Pin | Chai & Home

Jewish Enamel Pins | Chai & Home

Regarding that last point, I’m thinking of designing specific greeting cards that can have an enamel pin incorporated on them. Wouldn’t that be cute?