Short on Time? Order Some Custom Hanukkah Donuts for Your Party

Custom Donuts for Hanukkah | Chai & Home

Not everyone’s got the knack for creating their own sufganiyot and believe it or not, not everyone likes jelly-filled donuts. If you are tight on time for a Hanukkah dessert, consider getting some custom Hanukkah donuts made by your local kosher donut shop.

Many donut shops do custom orders. They can make letters, numbers, and sometimes even shapes. Even the big chains like Dunkin Donuts (you can find their kosher shops here) do custom orders and the best part is that you can usually order the previous day of pick-up, making it a convenient last-minute dessert idea.

You can get your custom Hanukkah donuts in all the flavors of a regular donut and the toppings can be customized too. I think there is nothing quite so lovely as a simple, glazed donut so that is what I ordered. Leaving the sprinkles off makes them a little more mature and presenting them on a cake stand elevates them both literally and figuratively. You can have the donuts made in the numbers 1-8 like I did, or just have 8s, or even have them spell out HAPPY CHANUKAH.

Custom Donuts for Hanukkah | Chai & Home

I felt a little self-conscious bringing these humble donuts to a Hanukkah party but I was pleasantly surprised with how everyone kvelled over them. The kids were really excited to have their favorite number and the adults thought they were novel. Several people wanted to know the details of how I got the donuts made, so it was very validating.