Sukkah Crafts Made from Paper Placemats

With Rosh Hashanah only a month away, I’ve already started thinking about sukkah crafts! You may find this strange, but I actually do more prep and planning for my sukkah than Rosh Hashanah! I don’t always even do a Rosh Hashanah dinner as we are often guests elsewhere, but for the past 5 years or so, we’ve always had a sukkah. Each year I like to do a little something different and this year I am going to leverage a product I created just for this occasion: my Seven Species Dining Papers. You can use any store’s brown bags too and some shops have great patterns on their bags, like West Elm and Trader Joe’s.

The dining papers are printed on my favorite kraft brown bag paper and I am definitely going to be using them as placemats, since hey, that’s easy and I intentionally designed them with the wood grain pattern so that they interplay with the pattern of the schach above. When I design all my dining papers though, I design them not just for use as placemats, but for crafting too. I always like to do some crafts for the sukkah because it gets the kiddo involved and I’m just a crafty kind of gal.

Here are a few of the ways I’m going to be using the dining papers in the sukkah:

Seven Species Paper for Sukkah Crafts | Chai & Home


Use as placemats is a no-brainer. I’ll probably couple it with my iron cutlery and black denim napkins.

Seven Species Paper for Sukkah Crafts | Chai & Home


Paper chains are so easy for the kids and they are easy to love too with their quick assembly and immediate gratification. These would be great for Tu b’Shevat too.

Seven Species Paper for Sukkah Crafts | Chai & Home


Although I have recently purchased a great etrog holder, my original plan was to cover a box with the dining papers to house the etrog.

Seven Species Paper for Sukkah Crafts | Chai & Home


With absolutely no useful purpose, what’s not to love about a windsock? Actually, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe halachah states that there shouldn’t be a breeze in the sukkah, so this puppy better not be moving. Perhaps it’s good to have a windsock in the sukkah after all!

Seven Species Paper for Sukkah Crafts | Chai & Home


A glass hurricane placed inside this table lantern will cast all kinds of playful candle light in the sukkah when it is dark.

Seven Species Paper for Sukkah Crafts | Chai & Home


When you see them all together they are pretty basic, but I think they will look great against the plain, white walls of my sukkah. I also have the Seven Species Jumbo Banner to hang too!

What are you planning for your sukkah this year?