Reuse and Recycle For A Stylish Tu B’Shevat Seder Table

It goes against the whole spirit of Tu B’Shevat to dress your seder table in a bunch of unsustainable and plastic products. Here are some ideas for re-using household items and natural products to create a stylish and rustic-y Tu B’Shevat table.

Reuseable and Recyclable Tu B'Shevat Table Decor

Tu B'Shevat Table Ideas


1 / If you think clear jars looks junky, check out this Passover table where they were the main table decor.

2 / CB2’s Numi Candleholders are my perennially favorite inexpensive glass candle holder.

3 / Nothing says festive like a party banner. Here is a 7 species one and a tree themed one, both perfect for Tu B’Shevat.

4 / See how easy it is to create a tree shaped stamp from an old wine cork