Real Jewish Celebrations: A Basic 3-Dish Shabbat Dinner

A Basic Three Dish Shabbat Dinner | Chai & Home

It’s been a while since I showed what’s going on in my home so I thought I’d give you a peak at my Shabbat table last Friday. A lot of folks think that hosting a beautiful Shabbat takes some kind of Herculean effort but this Shabbat meal couldn’t be easier to do and it is a great formula for when you have some bigger plans immediately after Shabbat like this weekend when Erev Purim is on Saturday.

A Basic Three Dish Shabbat Dinner | Chai & Home

The electricity was out most of Friday so I put a lot of candles on the table in anticipation that we would be sitting in darkness. The mini roses were from the supermarket and they were marked down because they were a little past it. Bargains can be found with flowers by not buying the made bouquets and opting for a single species or choosing the “filler” greenery instead.

Ever since redecorating my dining room I haven’t purchased any new tableware that suits it. This random assortment of gold and beige looks a little odd but let’s call it eclectic. I wanted to use brown linen napkins but my son was really into setting the table and he wanted to use grey ones instead so who am I to argue with a child that is helping out?! Those napkins should have been on the plates but oh well.

A Basic Three Dish Shabbat Dinner | Chai & Home

Crystal and glass go with everything, so whenever I’ve got an eclectic look going on out come the crystal candlesticks and kiddush set.

A Basic 3 Dish Shabbat Dinner | Chai & Home

A Basic Three Dish Shabbat Dinner | Chai & Home

I’ve got a lot of challah covers but this is my Fancy Dan. You guys have seen it a million times.

A Basic Three Dish Shabbat Dinner | Chai & Home

For the food, I planned on roasting some chicken over potatoes and root vegetables but with the power out I had to buy rotisserie chicken instead and pan fry the potatoes. It was just as easy. Accompanied with a kale salad, it’s about the quickest meal you can ever make. I prefer kale for a salad when serving something hot because it holds up really well and doesn’t get wilted.

A Basic Three Dish Shabbat Dinner | Chai & Home


A Basic Three Dish Shabbat Dinner | Chai & Home


A Basic Three Dish Shabbat Dinner | Chai & Home


Done is done! The power came on about an hour before Shabbat so the candles were unnecessary but we lit them anyway and it was beautiful.


  • You won’t believe it but I used to have those same exact placemats. We bought them in Shanghai of all places, when we used to live there. They were with us for years. I recently parted from them.

  • I think the nicest thing you did for your shabbat table was let your son set the table the way he felt was right. It’s empowering, I’m sure. I struggle to hold back my latent OCD tendencies when I finally get a little help and it’s not what I would have done. No one cares where the napkins go and if it all matches–except me. Everyone is just happy to be together and out of the kitchen. It’s all so beautiful and from the heart.

    • Thanks, Mollie. It’s nice to have someone to talk over the table setting without sounding like a crazy lady. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Your crystal kiddush set is lovely. I have been looking for a set that would be very complimentary to my mid-century modern decor and personal aesthetic. Could you please let me know where yours is from?

    • Thanks, Rebecca! Actually, the cup and plate were just cobbled together. The plate is from Marshall’s and the glass I don’t really remember where that is from. Probably IKEA or Crate & Barrel. It is just a regular drinking glass that I reserve as a kiddush cup!

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