Purim Crafts: Make This Paper Crown for a Quick Costume

Purim Paper Crown

I know you. You can’t get into the whole costume thing for Purim. Maybe you put all your effort into your kids’ costume, maybe you think it’s undignified, perhaps you just can’t be bothered. Sometimes not wearing a costume is more attention seeking than wearing one, so if you need a quick solution to looking festive, I’ve got you covered.

Purim Paper Crown

This paper crown is a quick Purim crafts project. Download the printable here and print it on a legal size paper. You can print it on white cardstock or on construction paper. You can color in the lines or turn it around and have your own blank slate, you can also just cut it and wear it. It’s up to you, you’re the queen.

Purim Paper Crown

Cut a rubberband open and loop through the holes. I also like to strengthen the holes with clear tape. Using a rubberband makes sure the crown doesn’t fall off while you are busy with your royal duties.

Purim Paper Crown

This one is printed on white paper and has a Washi Tape band around the base. Queen of Apricot Hamentaschen is what I call it.

Purim Paper Crown

This one is just printed on yellow construction paper.

Oh yeah, and kids like it too.



  • chris friedman says:

    I love this idea–you do know me–i am not into the costume–but like this idea!

  • Suzanne says:

    I just realized that I had not yet left a comment to tell you how much I have been enjoying your blog. I discovered you a few weeks back when looking for Tu B’ Shevat ideas. Earlier today I actually mentioned your blog as a stand-out for Jewish Design projects in my comment on Design Megillah, another of my favorite blogs, but I had never popped in here to say thank you for the inspiration (how rude of me)! I have a small lifestyle blog which occasionally features Jewish and secular design projects, but is mostly just random thoughts. I love that you are a dedicated space for contemporary and beautiful Jewish design.