These Purim Boxes Make Packing Up Mishloach Manot a Breeze

I can’t believe it is only 3 weeks before Purim! In contrast to previous years mishloach manot (Coffee Break Mishloach Manot, Jardinere Mishloach Manot, etc.)  you’ll notice that this year I’m all about hiding the mishloach manot contents. There is a practical reason for this: it’s a lot of fuss making everything sit up pretty and then I have to make sure my kid is super careful when delivering the packages. So, this year I’m all about bagging it and boxing it. Last week I presented my latest bag designs and here are my new box designs.

The first design is a pretty Tiffany blue with delicate dancing hamentashen and polka dots. The box is super sturdy and measures a nice but not overly generous 9″ x 6″ x 3″ inches. At $4 each they are even cheaper than the ones I was buying at World Market AND they are recyclable so I don’t have to feel guilty about creating more landfill if the person doesn’t want to keep the container.

Designer Boxes for Purim Baskets | Chai & Home

Dancing Hamentashen Mishloach Manot Box ($4)

Designer Boxes for Purim Baskets | Chai & Home

Purim Box Mishloach Manot | Chai & Home

The food can be neatly packed inside and because it is a box, if you have a lot to give out you can stack them.

The second design I really love. It is a crossword theme that was inspired by a downloadable gift wrap I saw from the Beekit Studio Blog. You guys know I love this sort of minimalism. You could really riff on the crossword theme too inside the box. Maybe I’ll work on a downloadable design for that.

Designer Boxes for Purim Baskets | Chai & Home

Designer Boxes for Purim Baskets | Chai & Home

Crossword Mishloach Manot Boxes ($4)

Now that the presentation is sorted, I’ve got to think of what to put in the box!


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