New Hanukkah Products from Chai & Home

If you follow me on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, you’ve probably seen a few of my new items for Hanukkah already. But here is the official, full reveal on all the new products I’ve designed for Hanukkah. This also gives me an excuse to use my new shopping buttons. Test it out…you can have a shopping cart right on the blog! Fancy.

First up is a new paper placemat for Hanukkah. Following on from my Passover placemats which sold out rather quickly, I created another mock newspaper. You can use it as a placemat as shown below, but it also makes great crafting paper and if you love a Scandinavian black and white Hanukkah, you can’t beat it for gift wrapping.

Hanukkah Placemat | Chai & Home

Next up are my Hanukkah Countdown Bags. This set of eight bags feature a different statement or thought for each night of Hanukkah. You can put little gifts in them or use them as party bags. Use your own creativity and seal them with twine or washi tape to keep little prying eyes out of them until the appointed night!

Hanukkah Countdown Bags | Chai & Home

And here is a product that solves a real problem. These Hanukkah Gelt Bags keep winnings safe while playing dreidel. I got the idea for this one last year as I was watching an incredibly lively dreidel match between some bigs kids and little kids. The little kids sometimes would leave their gelt stash a little exposed much to the delight of the big kids. The bags come in two designs, Spin it ’til you win it, and Gimmel takes all. Both feature a space to write the child’s name.

Hanukkah Gelt Bags | Chai & Home

I’ve got lots of gift tags too. Each tag features a unique design for each night of Hanukkah. Both the Blue Floral Gift Tags and the Just Sayin’ Gift Tags sets below are printed on a gorgeous linen cardstock and come with a stain ribbon.

Hanukkah Gift Tags | Chai & Home

Hanukkah Gift Tags | Chai & Home

A lot of folks tell me they can’t find great, Hanukkah Wrapping Paper so this is my first attempt at designing wrapping paper. This paper coordinates with the Just Sayin’ Gift Tags above. It is printed on a pretty heavy stock so it’s good for crafting too.

Hanukkah Wrapping Paper | Chai & Home

And of course, I had to create a Yiddish Hanukkah greeting card. “Over so little oil we make such a big holiday?” is a timeless Yiddish expression that continues the tradition of self-deprecation that Jews know and love.  Sold in sets of 6 or individually.

Yiddish Hanukkah Cards | Chai & Home

And what would a Chai & Home product line be without a little brown bag? I’m just loving the floral motif and handwritten font on these Kraft Floral Hanukkah Greeting Cards, printed on luxurious, 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Again, sold in sets of 6 or individually.

Kraft Floral Hanukkah Card | Chai & Home

So, that’s what I’ve been up to design-wise. What do you think? I’d love to hear your feedback. Love it, hate it, or meh? Let me know!

Also, if my buy buttons are not working for you, you can always head over to the Chai & Home Shop and buy them or look at more pictures there.