A New Dining Room for Passover…Revealed!

Yep, it’s finally done. My dining room redecorating nightmare is over. You’ll remember I started this project in February and I was hoping to get it finished before Passover. It was a basic re-decorating job, no major construction required. Easy peasy. Looking back on it, that was a bit of hopeful thinking, especially considering essential to my design plans was a table way beyond my budget.

So here is the before picture…A New Dining Room for Passover | Chai & Home

And here is the after…

A New Dining Room for Passover - Revealed! | Chai & Home

Don’t worry, I still have Georgie. He’s on the other side of the room, under the chair:

A Dining Room for Passover; Revealed! | Chai & Home

Why did it take so long? Well here is what happened. First, let’s start with the mood board for this room. You’ll remember it looked like this:

A New Dining Room for Passover | Chai & Home

One thing I learned working with a professional decorator is to get the most expensive piece first and save smaller items like pillows, lights, etc. later. So, the first task was to get the table. When I did the mood board, I had no idea how much a live edge table cost. I do now. Like the one in my mood board, it costs anywhere from $12,000 – $6,000. It took me (and my blogging buddy Yael from Jewish Latin Princess) ages to scour the entire United States in order to find one for $6,000 that I loved. It was a bargain because you see, a table like that is not just a table, it is a work of art. This is what I tried to tell my husband. That is what I tried to tell Yael. Both were unmoved.

So, then I had to re-plan and shopped around for a rustic farmhouse table instead. In the process of doing that, I stumbled upon a table on Overstock that looked very live edge-ish…and it was only $1500…score! So after waiting 8 weeks for the table to arrive (and now past Passover), it finally came. The problem was, it wasn’t the table in the picture on Overstock! They don’t have the table in the picture. So, while waiting two weeks for them to remove the table from my dining room, the table began to grow on me…especially since I had no other option. It was like Stockholm Syndrome. I decided to try and work with the table they sent. In that vein, I visited Helms Bakery (a furniture Mecca in Los Angeles which I had been to before several times already for this project) in order to find some chairs for the table I didn’t want and there it was…the table I did want…and it was $1800!!

After the table, things slowly and steadily came into place. Because of the extreme allergic reaction I have to dealing with rug dealers, my mom led the charge on acquiring this beautiful killim from Beniouraincarpets on Etsy. It’s not as eclectic as in the mood board but it is still lovely and I don’t think I will buy rugs anywhere else.

Vintage Killim | Chai & Home

In the end the geometric pendant didn’t have the formality we needed (and my husband and mom both hated it) so I opted for this stunning modern chandelier from Pottery Barn. It was (and still is) on sale and with a free shipping discount code, a super great value. Hanging it involved my husband and I drawing straws to see who would be crushed under its weight while the other one hung it, but it’s up and I lived to tell about it.

Modern Chandelier | Chai & Home

My beer budget didn’t allow for me to purchase real leather chairs so these fakes from Living Spaces challenged my environmental conscious but were within budget and bang-on stylistically.

So, that’s a wrap as they say here in LA. My objectives for the dining room have been met completely. I wanted to get rid of the bland beige that felt was really tired and I think I achieved that in this bright, minimalist, and rustic space that feels totally me.

Just in time for Rosh Hashanah.



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