Modern Jewish Calendars for 5778

Yep, it’s that time of year! Here is the official release of my new Jewish calendars. I’m pretty excited about how they turned out and the early sales have been good, so that is very validating. I made 2 wall calendars and 2 planners this year. Here they are…

Great Jewish Quotations Wall Calendar

As long time readers know, I did a little informal survey on the blog early in the year to see what kind of Jewish calendar subject-matter folks were into. The number one favorite theme was inspirational quotes and proverbs so this is that calendar. I call it my “great quotations” calendar and it features quotes from famous Jews in history, such as Benjamin Disraeli, Rashi, Golda Meir, Kafka, Mendelssohn, etc. Each quote is on the backdrop of a brushtroke and the bottom of the calendar features American holidays, Jewish holidays, Torah portions, candle-lighting occasions, the whole schmear. The print quality and paper is amazing. The pics don’t really do it justice.

Jewish Calendars & Planners for 5778 | Chai & Home

Kraft Wall Calendar

Of course, I’m still making my kraft Jewish wall calendar! This is the fourth year and it is still a beaut. Like the calendar above, it features American holidays, Jewish holidays, Torah portions, candle-lighting occasions, and Rosh Chodesh. Both calendars can be purchased with the clip or without, and are fully recyclable.

Kraft Jewish Wall Calendar | Chai & Home

52-Week Yiddish Wisdom Planner

I just adore this one. This is the Yiddish Wisdom Weekly Planner and it is a perpetual planner, meaning there are no dates on it, so you can buy it at any time of year. Each of the 52-pages features a different Yiddish expression. Some weeks are inspirational, some humorous, some a smack in the face. It’s like having your Bubbe with you during the week…in a good way. Bound in a pad, this planner is printed on a pristine, white, toothy, vellum that is amazeballs to write on. It makes a great gift too if you can refrain from keeping it yourself.

52-Week Kraft Meal Planner

And last, but not least is the latest incarnation of my meal planner. Optimized and tweaked for greater usability, the meal planner features a space to plan each day of the week, a shopping list area, and an important notes area.

And yes, I’ve corrected the misspelling on that tag!


So that’s that. I hope you like them. All four are in my shop in the Jewish Calendars & Planners area where you can see more pictures and fuller product descriptions.


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