Mazel Tov is in Order, But More Importantly I Need Something From You…Yes, You

A New Look for Chai & Home

Can you believe Chai & Home is 5 years old?! I’m kvelling so much I could plotz. But really, it has been an amazing journey developing Chai & Home and seeing it grow. When I first started, I was working full-time for The Man only writing occasionally and now it is a full-time job with it’s own product line sold from coast to coast.

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is conduct a reader survey to understand a little more about why you are here and what you would like to see. I get a few comments on the posts and in email, but the vast majority of you I never hear from, so this is your chance! The survey is anonymous, so be totally free to give me your thoughts. It only takes 2 minutes and you can do it on your computer, phone, whatever.

No matter who you are, and what you are doing here reading this, fill it out! Even if it is your first time here. Even if you never fill out surveys. Even if you think because you know me personally I don’t want to hear from you, I do…I actually have questions just for you!

I will share the results in a later blog post so be represented. The survey is hosted by Google forms and you can go to it here:

Thank you in advance and as always…


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