Make These Black & White Cookies For An Easy Post-Fast Nibble

Black and White Cookies For Yom Kippur

When I was at Factor’s last week putting together the post Break The Fast With A Classic Deli Menu, I was intending to buy some black and white cookies but they didn’t have any! Not to be denied I thought of this cute riff on the black and white cookie that is easy to do at home (black & whites are notoriously difficult).

This cookie is made with LilaLoa’s The End-All For Chocolate Cookies Recipe, which is my go-to recipe for chocolate cookies. You won’t believe how rich and fudgey this cookie is while still being easy to handle and cut. The white icing is just typical vanilla royal icing, no coloring added.

Black and White Star of David Cookies

The process for making and decorating these cookies is simple, I promise!


  1. Follow LilaLoa’s recipe to the letter (I chill my dough so I use the 3 cup flour option)
  2. Cut cookies with your favorite sized Star of David cutter and bake
  3. Cool cookies completely after baking


  1. Make royal icing and place in a schissel that is deep and wide enough to accommodate dunking the cookie half-way
  2. Dunk each cookie carefully
  3. Place on wire rack (some of the icing will drip off…that’s okay)
  4. Allow to dry completely

IMPORTANT TIP 1: Dunk the cookie like you would put a brush into paint…scraping the bottom of the cookie on the side of the container when you take it out, just like you would a paint brush. This will remove much of the excess icing off the bottom of the cookie.

IMPORTANT TIP 2: After the dunked cookies have dried on the rack for about 10-15 minutes, move them to another rack to dry completely. This will allow you to separate the cookie from the dripped icing before it hardens completely.

Black and White Cookies For Yom Kippur

Tell your guests the cookies are dressed in white for Yom Kippur.



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