How To Light A Menorah: Infographic

Impress your friends and relatives with your knowledge of the difference between a menorah and chanukkiah and the specifics about how to load and how to light a menorah. They will never know you used this cheat sheet. Download the full size version here. Print it out or put it on your phone for future use.

All About the Menorah Infographic

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May you and yours have a Hanukkah filled with light and miracles.



  • When I light the candles right to left, lighting the newest candle first, my question is: if placed at a window, how should the candles appear to someone outside?

    • Hi Marny! That’s an interesting question and there are many different opinions on it. Some say it should be be lit facing you and it doesn’t matter how it is seen to the outside as long as the light is seen. Others say you should light it backwards so it is correct for the outside, since the purpose is to share the light with others. Since communities and customs vary, you should check with your rabbi for the correct custom in your community.

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