Jewish Gift Ideas for the Dad & Grad

If you are still stuck on what to get your dad or grad, here are my top Jewish gift ideas for the man and the grad.

Gift Ideas for the Jewish Dad & Grad


one / I wrote about this Travel Shabbat Set before but it is perfect for the traveling dad or student whose dorm accouterments need to be compact.

two / Sterling Silver Tallit Clips. With engraved Magen David motif and a diamond you don’t have to watch Dad incessantly adjusting his tallit.

three / Monogrammed stationery is a great gift for almost anyone, but especially a student who needs to keep in touch (hint, hint).

four / A couple of great coffee table books for the man in his castle…Passage to Israel for the traveller dad and Israel Eats for the foodie dad.

five / Gift journals aren’t just for weddings. This journal with help your grad (or recent b’nai mitzvah) keep track of the graduation gifts they have received and whether they have sent a thank you note.

six / For the dad who is also a zeyde, this Distilled Zayde T-shirt will make him look a bit more hip…a bit more.