This Jewish Decor Is Not For The Faint of Heart

Synagogues and other public Jewish spaces often have clever, built-in Jewish motifs worked into things like iron gates, windows, panelling, etc. but rarely do you see that kind of thought put into a residential home. Most Jewish homes might have a nice collection of ritual Judaica, but not anything imbued into the environment itself. The decor elements below change all that. Are you brave enough to take your Jewishness to the next level with these decor treatments?


Gentiles probably browsed right by this light fixture from Pottery Barn without a second look but any Jewish person is likely to have paused for a double-take. This pendant is gorgeous in any home but it’s distinctive Star of David motif packs a super-Jewy punch. If you like your Mogen David a little more 3D Lamps Plus has this flush-mount option.


Stella Glass Star Pendant from Pottery Barn



Not far from my home, this LA couple wrapped their house in the word “ahava” by erecting a giant corrugated aluminum screen around the entire second story. It doubles as an architectural element from the exterior and window treatments from the interior. Ahava is written frontwards and backwards so you can read it whether inside or out of the house. No really. Follow the link below to see more pictures if you don’t believe me.

Jewish Decor That Goes Beyond Judaica | Chai & Home

Interior Detail of Beit Ha-Ahava House by Rios Clementi Hale Studios



Not useful for any ritual purpose but many objects have a deeper meaning for the trained Jewish eye, like the Giant Brass Horn below. You know what they say: one person’s giant brass horn is another person’s shofar.

Jewish Decor That Goes Beyond Judaica | Chai & Home

Giant Brass Horn by Jonathan Adler



The minute I saw the mirror sitting on the settee below I read the Star of David within it and posted it on Facebook asking “Do you see what I see?” Just think each day you can gaze into it and say, “Here’s looking at Jew, kid.”

Jewish Decor That Goes Beyond Judaica | Chai & Home

Faceted Wall Mirror (on bench) from West Elm



Any Jewish fan of pop and op-art would adore this rug but it would also go great in a light and bright kid’s room or playroom.

Jewish Decor That Goes Beyond Judaica | Chai & Home

Thomas Paul Dynamic Knockout Stars Rug from Rugs USA


Have you ever purchased or installed a design element just because of it’s inherent Jewish message?



  • Thank you for showing the Ahava House. How wonderful to personalize one’s home with concepts meaningful to you. The people who live there and the architecture firm that created it are amazing. Thank you for introducing me to this firm’s work.The other projects in their portfolio are exceptional in so many fields of design.

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