Which of These Jewish Calendars Is Your Favorite?

While everyone’s attention is turned towards Purim (and Passover soon to follow) I’m actually already planning for the autumn and the new year! I’m in my very early stages of designing calendars for 5778.

This year, I’m going to be producing a perpetual weekly calendar/planner as well as a monthly wall calendar. The size and shape of last year’s wall calendar really worked out (11×17″) so I’m going to continue with that size again although I’ve decided not to bind them with the standard spiral binding/calendar hook. That binding not only added significantly to the cost but it also makes the calendar a lot more difficult to recycle, so instead I’ll be offering insanely stylish clips that hold and hang the calendar. I can’t wait to show you those later in the year. But, even with all that decided, I’m having a hard time deciding which wall calendar to produce. Here are my three leading options:



Jewish Calendars Prototype | Chai & Home


This calendar would feature thought-provoking and inspirational quotes and proverbs from the Tanach as well as notable Jewish thinkers in history. The design is simple but features gorgeous typography over on-trend colors and backgrounds that would look great in any stylish interior.




Recipe Calendar Prototype | Chai & Home


Illustrated recipes are so hot right now and this calendar would feature Jewish recipes in that fashion. Each month would have a different recipe illustrated with some commentary on the process as well as pictures of all the ingredients. Of all the calendars, this one is perhaps the most challenging for me. Illustrating the food is a challenge as well as acquiring the recipes. Perhaps this would be a good collaborative piece with a kosher food blogger.




Jewish Calendars Prototype | Chai & Home


There are so many beautiful synagogues around the world and this calendar would showcase one each month. There would be a brief description of the temple including where and when it was built.

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Ideally, I would only produce one of these…but which one? I’d love to hear from you before I decide myself. Which calendar would you buy, either for yourself or someone else? Even if you aren’t really going to buy one, I want to hear which one is your favorite. Leave your thoughts in the comments below or you can drop me a private note if you are bashful.



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