Introducing the Tree of Life Coloring Poster and My New Printables Shop!

Tree of Life Coloring Poster | Chai & Home

I’m super excited about unveiling this today. As long-time readers know, I’m a big believer that putting a little thought into the experience kids have at your dinner parties and creating structured activity for the little ones that need it goes a long way towards ensuring the adults have a good time too. There is nothing more tedious to deal with than your bored child at someone else’s house. That said, creating these activities isn’t always easy or inexpensive. Even for me, a super creative person with scads of craft supplies to pull out at a moment’s notice, I know how hard it is to put together an activity for a variety of age ranges. So here is my solution: huge coloring printables!

Here are the problems a big printable solves. #1 – It is easy to organize. All you need is the printable and a bunch of crayons. #2 – Many kids can do it at the same time. #3 – It is non-competitive. If you have a little boy like mine you know how even the most innocuous activity can turn into a competition. #4 – It is inexpensive. The printable shown is $5 and it cost me $3 to print it out.

Tree of Life Coloring Poster | Chai & Home

The first one I’ve put together is a Tree of Life motif, just in time for Tu b’Shevat but also relevant any time of year. It has a little Hebrew on it and Proverbs 3:18, which is the one about wisdom being the tree of life, just to give you a teachable moment. In the future I’ll be introducing Passover-themed and Shabbat posters and that’s where the Printables Shop comes in…it’s really just a section of my regular shop but the name sounds cool. Right now, it has a small selection but stay tuned for more. I’ll be quickly adding more items in the coming weeks so be sure you are on either the blog newsletter (sign-up on this page) or the shop newsletter (sign-up at the bottom of the shop) to get notified about new items.

Now let’s talk about how to print it out. To print the poster out, I put the file on a USB keychain and took it to my local Staples and asked for an “engineering print”. Call ahead to see if they do that or order it online. I just walked up and they printed it right as I stood there…5 minutes and I was done. The printable is optimized for 36×48″ but I printed this one out at 24×36″. The bigger the better in my book but the Staples I went to can only do 24×36″. Like I said before it only cost $3 to print it out so that’s a serious deal.

Tree of Life Coloring Poster | Chai & Home

The posters aren’t just great for home but also for school or shul. You can give each kid or class one and create a gallery of the different ways kids colored them in.

Tree of Life Coloring Poster | Chai & Home

Tree of Life Coloring Poster – $5

These products have been on my mind for a long time so it is nice to see the first one out the door. Stay tuned for more.

Okay baby, I’m done taking pictures you can start coloring now!


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