IKEA Essentials for Your Sukkah Decor

If you are unhappy with how your sukkah decor usually turns out or just want a few new things for your sukkah, you can’t beat IKEA as a one-stop, sukkah decor shop. Other than the core structure, there is no other store that just about has everything you need to kit out a sukkah…and at reliably low prices. Here are some of my favorite finds at IKEA for the sukkah:

IKEA Essentials for Sukkah Decor | Chai & Home


1 | If your sukkah is on concrete, these RUNNEN floor decking tiles are perfect for creating a more comfortable floor surface. They snap together and per square foot are an amazing deal.

2 | If you have a tarp sukkah like mine, softening up the appearance of the tarps is easy with some inexpensive curtains like these AVSIKTLIG curtains. I put mine on the entrance but they are also great on the inside of the sukkah.

3 | I love these SOLVINDEN paper lanterns and they are solar, so you can put them in the sun all day and have them run all night. Sure beats hoisting up the heavy lanterns I usually do.

4 | What more can be said: these ADDE chairs stack and are $12.50 each. Perfect extra seating for any occasion.

5 | If you use paper napkins, you won’t find a better deal than IKEA napkins. Cool styles like these AVSIKTLIG paper napkins  are 30 for $1.99. And the fact that they match the curtains means two products just transformed your sukkah into a theme.

6 | While you are there, make a point of stocking up to your heart’s content in the candle section. You can’t find cheaper candles and candle holders than IKEA, including these JUBLA taper candles but definitely buy a bag of tealights too.

7 | I Love these  FULLTALIG candle holders with the built in wax dripping tray. So smart and they go with everything.

And if you aren’t a big fan of Scandinavian modern, don’t fret. IKEA has expanded their look to include traditional and boho themed merchandise.