High Holidays Baking Essentials

Sometimes I feel like a little retail therapy can get me in the mood for preparing for the holidays even if I kinda don’t feel like it. This is particularly true about baking. Other than cookies, I’m not a big baker but I really believe cooking and baking in particular is what cements a love of the Jewish holidays for a family….especially little ones. Who doesn’t feel excitement when the waft of wonderful sweets is filling the air and the anticipation of a feast with friends is imminent?

So if you are still feeling a little uninspired for the holidays, these High Holidays baking essentials are some fun tools you can add to your kitchen arsenal to get you in the mood. All are available at major retailers in most sizable towns.


High Holidays Baking Essentials

High Holidays Baking Essentials | Chai & Home


1 | Let’s start with the basics: this apple corer and slicer is going to give you zero excuses to make something with apples, it is that awesome. Plop the slices into a cold water and lemon juice bath and they will stay brown-free until ready for use. (Sur la Table)

2 | This pomegranate tool does for pomegranate seeds like the above does for apples. Just hit the outside and voilá…pomegranate seeds without any mess or fuss. There are not many things you can hit and still be doing a mitzvah. (Bed, Bath, and Beyond)

3 | Cookie presses are a great way to make a special holiday cookie without any special skill. This set of bee cookie stamps turn a regular sugar cookie into a High Holiday treat. (Sur la Table)

4 | Uninspired with your usual baking repertoire? Jewish Holiday Baker is the hot new Jewish cookbook in town. The Balsamic Apple Date Stuffed Challah will make your guests think the messiah has arrived. (Amazon)

5 | There are so many gorgeous baking molds it’s almost hard to decide which one to buy. This apple loaf pan is my favorite this year with it’s basket texture on the sides. Perfect for a honey or better yet, an apple cake. (Williams Sonoma)

6 | Daunted by a big cake mold? This beehive cakelet pan makes the sweetest little cakes that you can serve individually. (Sur la Table)

7 | Don’t let a nasty old oven mitt scare off your guests from trying your cakelets! These honeycomb patterned mitts fit the season perfectly. (Crate & Barrel)

8 | How genius is this kitchen towel with weights and measures on it? No more trying to dig out a cookbook with them! (Crate & Barrel)

9 | If the lemons on this lemons and branches kitchen towel don’t look like etrogim, I don’t know what does. Would make a great challah cover in the sukkah. (World Market)

Oh, and every single one makes a great hostess gift too.