Happy Hanukkah Banner: Printable Download

I have been feeling really crafty lately. It is either the effect of having Hanukkah coming up or the fact that I’ve been in jury duty for a week and need some kind of creative outlet.

Here is a super easy Hanukkah craft project. It is an eclectic “Happy Hanukkah” banner. I made mine monochromatic (that’s fancy talk for black and white) but you can print yours on colored paper for more pizazz.

Hanukkah Banner

All you need for this project is some paper, my Hanukkah Banner Printable Download (PDF) (or you can make your own banner), 13 clothes pins or paper clips, a scissors, and a string or ribbon.

Hanukkah Banner: Supplies

To make the letters for the banner, I just went a little crazy with all those weird fonts I never use on my computer and some freely available borders on the internet. I used Photoshop but you can just as easily use Microsoft Word. With the paper size set to 8.5 x 11, I put one letter (about 500 pixels) on each page. Then, I used Google Image Search for some borders. I really didn’t over-think it too much and combined whatever font with whatever border I felt like.

Hanukkah Banner: Close-up

My Hanukkah Banner Printable (PDF) is a PDF so you can resize the banner letters to whichever size you wish. Use the Print Settings to adjust the size in percentages or you can print more than one per page for automatic sizing. I printed mine 4 per page but if you want  a big banner, you can print it full-size.

Hanukkah Banner: Close-Up

I hung the banner on two strings using the mini clothes-pins that you put cards up with but you can also use one string. If your banner is bigger you can use regular clothes pins or you can even use paper clips.

Hanukkah Banner

And that’s it! If you use my printable download, I’d love to see it up, so send me a pic via the Chai & Home Facebook page.



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