Hanukkah Gelt Fondue

Hanukkah Gelt Fondue | Chai & Home

I have a ton of Hanukkah gelt left over…still. Fortunately, most Hanukkah gelt has something like a 100-year shelf life. I leave it out in a bowl hoping it will disappear but you know, gelt isn’t the best chocolate to eat plain so it doesn’t really get used up. I have noticed though, that for some reason it makes an incredible ingredient. One of you food scientists out there can tell me why.

Using up the old Hanukkah gelt is becoming a tradition of it’s own around my house. I’ve used it for icing Tu B’Shevat Cookies and making 4-fruits Chocolate Bark so I know how beautifully it melts. That is why this year I’ve decided just to eat it melted…I call it Hanukkah Gelt Fondue!

Hanukkah Gelt Fondue | Chai & Home

When I had this idea I searched around for a fondue pot and I couldn’t believe how expensive they were. Also, I knew I didn’t need a huge vat of chocolate much less the double-dipping idea sort of grossed me out, so I opted for a butter warmer. It cost $5 at my local restaurant supply and each person can have their own and double-dip to their heart’s content.

To melt the chocolate you can put it in the microwave or do a double boiler over the stove. Here I did a double boiler in the microwave! I heated it 1 minute at a time and it was melted completely by 4 minutes. You microwave may vary. Because I used the double boiler method, I didn’t wait until it was melted completely, I pulled it out with a few chunks remaining and stirred until smooth.

Hanukkah Gelt Fondue | Chai & Home

You can serve the melted gelt with anything, fruits, pretzels, bread, but I prefer tart green apples, like a Granny Smith. I think dipping something equally sweet would make it too sweet. The tart apple combined with the chocolate is just amazing. And you are eating fruit, so it’s not like a bad dessert…right?

If you are going to use apples for dipping, prepare a bowl of ice water with 1 tablespoon lemon juice. As you cut the apple, drop the pieces into the bowl and keep them in there until serving. That will keep your apples from browning while you get the table ready.

Hanukkah Gelt Fondue | Chai & Home

I don’t have fondue forks, so I just used a bamboo skewer but you can even use a regular fork. Kids love fire, food on sticks, and dessert so what could be better than this holy trinity of childhood loves? Don’t forget when serving this to children to watch them carefully around the open flame and pointy implement.

This dessert is great for Tu B’Shevat (and dip 4 tree fruits) and Hanukkah. Also, since a gelt can be pareve (check to see if yours is), it can be eaten after a meat meal!