Get Festive by Serving Up a Hanukkah Tray

Here is a quickie dickie idea that will inject a little Hanukkah in your life, no matter how austere your observance or minor a part Hanukkah plays in your home. Whether you don’t believe Hanukkah is a decorating sort of holiday or perhaps Hanukkah is a second holiday in December for your family, you can wedge a little Hanukkah in by sprucing up a serving tray with dreidels and Hanukkah gelt. It’s like a mini Hanukkah celebration…coming right up!

Get Festive with a Hanukkah Tray | Chai & Home

Get Festive with a Hanukkah Tray | Chai & Home

Get Festive with a Hanukkah Tray | Chai & Home


  • Serve drinks appropriate for your audience: tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or hot toddies.
  • Use your favorite tray (or even just a board as I did here.)
  • Crinkle up paper by wadding it up and smoothing it out for added texture.
  • Add a little sparkle with a mirrored garland or battery-powered mini twinkle lights.
  • Add gelt and a decorative dreidel if your tray is eating focussed. Make sure that dreidel can spin if it’s a tray for play.
  • Make the tray self-sufficient with cups, spoons, and all ingredients your audience needs.
  • And don’t forget: be careful with little ones around hot beverages.


    • Thanks, Nicole! I just went to my local kosher candy shop (Munchies on Pico) and there they were. I usually pick up a mix of gold and silver. I think the difference is whether it is milk or dark chocolate.

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