The Futura is Now: New Jewish Greeting Cards for Rosh Hashanah

Futura Jewish Greeting Cards |Chai & Home

My natural design style is very bold and unadorned (think the Daily News Placemats and Yiddish Greeting Cards), but sometimes it is fun for a designer to try on a different style and play with it. Lately I’ve been playing with pastels, which have been so huge the last couple of years, and flowers. This is a fun challenge because pastels and florals are rarely seen in Jewish products, which predominantly feature the Star of David, menorahs, and dark colors, especially blue. This new line of cards is the first fruits of that labor.

This Rosh Hashanah card was the first one I designed and the concept for it really drove the inspiration for this entire line. I love the pink and expanded the typical pomegranate iconography with background florals. I love the delicate nature of the seed stems. The font I’m using is called Futura Standard Light and I’m really into it right now. Does it look familiar? It is also the font used in the Chai & Home logo!

L'Shana Tova Greeting Card | Chai & Home

Here is another Rosh Hashanah card I’m calling “Sweet Year“. It is more along my usual design aesthetic but I love the buttery yellow color. The only hard part is deciding which to send for Rosh Hashanah. I’ll probably send both.

Rosh Hashanah Greeting Card | Chai & Home

And of course because there is so much hospitality at the High Holidays, it’s good to have a new Thank You card on hand. This Toda Card is flexible enough to use for just about any thanking. My photo here isn’t really doing it justice. The color is a true baby blue. The photo is making it look like a light teal.

Toda Thank You Greeting Card | Chai & Home

I’ve chosen a really thick, 110lb matte card stock that is wonderful to touch. I’m also using a new printer which is amazeballs crisp. The fine lines in the designs are critical to the feeling of delicateness and they came out great.

Is that a pair of sufganiyot peeping in the back of the first photo? Yes, but we’ll talk about him later. It’s only July!



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