Flavored Schmear Recipes for Breakfast, Brunch and Break the Fast

DIY Schmears

A deli spread is a great breaking the fast meal as it doesn’t require any extensive cooking. To add a little panache to a dairy menu, you can make your own custom schmears. I remember as a child visiting my grandmother who would always have a spread from Canter’s Deli here in LA. The best part was the whipped cream cheese.  All of these recipes include whipping and if you haven’t tried it, please do. You may never go back to regular.

Here are three schmear recipes to give you some inspiration but making schmears is so fun, feel free to experiment with your family’s favorite flavors. The critical step is always using a fine chop for your ingredients. You can use a good knife or if you are making big quantities, you’ll find a food processor handy. These recipes are designed with 16oz of cream cheese but they half and double easily.

Schmear ingredients

The first one is my favorite because I’m seriously addicted to preserved lemons. I do my own preserving but you can also find preserved lemons in most kosher markets and Trader Joe’s (not kosher).

Preserved Lemon Schmear Recipe

This second one is a basic herb-y schmear that has a great appearance with the green and yellow flecks. You can even mix yellow and red peppers for an even prettier option.

Garlic & Herb Schmear Recipe

This pomegranate schmear is sweet and sure to please the kids. With honey and pomegranates, it has great symbolism for the High Holidays and even makes a nice special breakfast option for Rosh Hashanah.

Pomegranate Schmear Recipe

Flavored Schmears

To present your spread at table, add some wrinkled butcher paper for a fresh from the deli look. My dairy dishes are white too which is always an appetizing backdrop for food.

Flavored Schmears and Bagels

DIY Flavored Schmears | Chai & Home

No joke I ate three bagels in constructing this post and I could have eaten three more! These spreads are delish and more-ish. May they create fond memories for your family.



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