Create a Themed Hanukkah Party with Personalized Party Supplies

I host a Hanukkah buffet party for my friends and their children each year and every year I try to bring something a little new to it. This year, I have the dining room of my dreams which is radically different to my previous dining room, so much of the way I use to decorate is definitely going to change. But one thing I started to get concerned about is protecting my new, slab dining table. So when Evermine contacted me about what I could do with some of their products for Hanukkah, my knee jerk reaction was…send me some coasters to protect my table!

I have used Evermine before for customized Purim gift tags so I already was familiar with their product line. For those of you that don’t know, Evermine prints personalized products for holidays and celebrations, such as weddings, b’nai mitzvot, birthdays, you name it (pun intended). They have a deep commitment to Jewish holidays and I really dig that. I mean, where else can you buy A Freilichen Purim coasters?!

They have a really fun web site where you can customize their products to your heart’s content and the best part is that they have pre-defined designs you can choose from to get started. Even for a designer like me, it is sometimes nice to leverage someone else’s design and this year they have this new theme, “Love & Light” which I think is just perfect for Hanukkah. I chose to do it in this spicy mustard kind of color (gold), and ordered labels, luggage tags, and coasters.

Personalized Hanukkah Party Theme | Chai & Home

One of the first things I do for my party pre-planning, is place all the decor and items I want to use on the table in a manner of creating a live “mood board.” I use my dining table as a backdrop, since that is where the buffet is displayed. Although I previously would use a great deal of white serveware and dinnerware, with my new table I will be using more gold and black for a dark and daring Hanukkah. For black I’ve been using my cheese slate, cast iron cutlery, and wooden serve ware. The Star of David plates I bought from West Elm years ago are still looking good and my mercury glass votives fit in perfectly.

Personalized Hanukkah Party Theme | Chai & Home

This step not only helps me get the look down, but it also allows me to take an inventory of my stuff and figure out if I have enough serving plates, cutlery, candles, napkins, etc.

Personalized Hanukkah Party Theme | Chai & Home

The Love & Light products really add an explicit theme to the party and I’m really loving how festive it makes everything…definitely sets it apart from a normal dinner party.  The coasters are such an improvement to the cork ones I use now (which are horribly stained after years of use) and because they are paper, people can even write their names on them to keep their drink safe.

Personalized Hanukkah Party Theme | Chai & Home

Here is a testament to how completely “me” the products look: when passing by my husband asked if the Evermine products were new designs I was working on! On Thursday, I’ll show you what I’m going to do with those stickers and luggage tags.


Evermine sponsored this post and provided me with the products to write about them. I chose the products and their configuration. All opinions are my own and Evermine did not review the content prior to publication.

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