Craft These Stylish Tzedakah Boxes From Upcycled Food Packaging

Craft Tzedakah Boxes

Everyday for breakfast I eat vanilla Chobani yogurt with some granola. That means I have a Chobani tub to recycle at the end of each week and every time I clean out that yogurt pot I can’t help but think it is a useful thing if I could just find a use for it (I’ve inherited the mindset of my grandmother who never threw anything away). It seems like such a waste to throw away such a sturdy tub…so I finally found not just a use for the yogurt tub, but almost any food packaging…make tzedakah boxes!

Food cointainers

What you will need:

  • Food containers – Almost anything with a lid you can cut through will do
  • Spray paint – I used black, gold and white primer
  • Lettering – Either stickers or printed stencil
  • X-Acto knife or box cutter
  • Stickers for decorating (optional)

Craft Tzedakah Boxes

Spray painting is the easiest part. The black doesn’t really need a primer because it is so dark but I did cover a few of them in white primer spray before doing the gold color.

To create patterns like polka dots or stripes, you can do one of two methods:

  1. Paint the container in the first color, then mask off with stickers, ribbon, string or whatever before spraying in the second color. For really good results, your mask cannot have gaps, it needs to be adhered really well to the surface.
  2. Use stickers in the color of your choice or if you can’t find the right color, spray paint the stickers!

In the examples here, the white dots were masked and the gold dots were spray painted stickers. They are actually those free Trader Joe stickers…finally, I found a use for those!

Crafted Tzedakah Boxes

Crafted Tzedakah Box

The lettering can be hard or easy. The easiest method is to buy stickers. The English letters are from my local OfficeMax but you can also get Hebrew letter stickers too. The other way is to print the message on a piece of cardstock, cut it out with an X-Acto Knife, and use it as a stencil, taping it onto the container before spraying. The stickers are definitely the easiest route.

Crafted Tzedakah Boxes
I found the hardest part of this project was cutting the slot in the lid. For some reason it was hard to get it perfect and you can see in the pictures they are a little wiggly. The most important thing is to be sure to cut it large enough to fit folded paper money!

These are perfect for a shul or school that is doing a big fundraiser or you can just make one for yourself to use at home for spare change!


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