Craft These Simchat Torah Flags in Under 15 Minutes [Free Download]

Downloadable Simchat Torah Flags | Chai & Home

My dad was an avid hobbiest and when I was a kid we often took trips to various crafts and hardware stores for something or other that he needed. On these trips, my brother and I use to beg him to buy us wooden dowels so we could hit each other with them. We would beg and beg, showing him a different diameter if he said no. It was one thing we really, really wanted and at 20 cents each we couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t buy them for us…wooden dowels must have been the cheapest thing we ever asked for. But alas, Dad never bought them for us and the joy of hitting each other freely with sticks was never satisfied. Now that we are grown we generally suppress the desire to hit each other with wooden dowels.

That, of course, brings me to Simchat Torah.

Simchat Torah must be my favorite occasion in synagogue. B’nai mitzvot are up there too but you can’t beat the rejoicing and naches of Simchat Torah. For the uninitiated, at Simchat Torah all the Torah scrolls are taken out of the ark and danced and paraded with. Usually this is like a moving, undulating, mosh pit where as you sing and dance around in a circle, the Torah is handed from one person to another so everyone can have the joy of dancing with the Torah. Children frequently have a toy Torah to hold or often, a flag to wave. Then the Torah is unrolled completely and re-rolled in reverse so we can begin again the reading for the next year. Can’t wait.

To celebrate this year, I’ve made some Simchat Torah flags and you can make them too. One says Ahava (“Love”) Torah and the other says Simchat Torah. The font is Gan which I love for kids things. Yep, that’s burple, which is pretty gender neutral.

Downloadable Simchat Torah Flags | Chai & Home

Downloadable Simchat Torah Flags | Chai & Home

Simchat Torah Flags Download (PDF)

In the file you will see there are four pages, front and back of each flag. They are optimized for printing on US Legal paper but because it’s a PDF you can print it whatever size you want. I pasted the pages together and then cut out the flags, but you be you and do it however you want. You can print them out and use them as bunting or adhere them on wooden dowels like I did for a flag to wave. Mmm…wooden dowels. Maybe I’ll invite my brother over.