It’s a Colorful Passover With These Passover Coloring Seder Papers

Remember when I launched my Tree of Life coloring poster and I said there would be more on the way? Well, here are some coloring options I’ve designed for Passover and I’m really over-the-moon about them. Instead of offering them as a downloadable (which I heard was just not feasible for many of you), I’ve printed them out and you can order them from the Chai & Home Shop ready for use.

The first one is are Passover Coloring Placemats that the kids can color before the seder or even the day before if children’s coloring is verboten in your Yom Tov observance.  On the placemat is a seder plate for illustrating the symbolic foods, and a self-portrait to draw, as well as tons of foliage to color. It is printed on a sturdy white construction paper so it can take a beating. Come to think of it, these make a great cheder activity for a school too.

Passover Coloring Placemats | Chai & Home

Passover Coloring Placemats | Chai & Home

Passover Coloring Placemats | Chai & Home

Passover Coloring Placemats ($23 for 10)

The other option is an entire table covering I’m calling the Passover Activity Table. Again, you can have the kids busy with it the day before Passover in order to give you a couple of hours of “free” time to get ready for the holiday. The Passover Activity Table again has a seder plate to illustrate and identify (with Hebrew too), a group portrait to draw of everyone coming over, some fun questions to answer, and a Passover word find puzzle. It is 36×48″ and as you can see from the picture, can easily fit several kids around it. Again, the kids can color it before or during the holiday as your observance permits. The Passover Activity Table is also sold by the The Jewish Museum in NYC, so if you are in that area, you can pick one up from them and save on shipping!

Passover Coloring Activity Table | Chai & Home

Passover Coloring Activity Table ($20)

As it is written in the Torah, “Let me people color!” (or something like that)