Colored Tapers for a Change

Sometimes you get into a habit, maybe even a rut. For me, it is definitely white taper candles. As a reader of Chai and Home, you know I love modern but timeless designs and white tapers fit that bill every time. Perhaps I saw something somewhere and it registered in my sub-conscious, but I’ve had colored tapers on my mind lately…

 Fuschia tapers

Fuschia tapers with matching linens from

Pink tapers

Pink candles from Martha Stewart

Yellow tapers

Wooden Block Menorah From Martha Stewart

Ivory tapers

Ivory beeswax tapers from Mole Hollow Candles

Multi-colored tapers

Colorful Candle Holders from Martha Stewart Weddings

Blue tapers

Blue tapers from Unknown Source

I think I’m ready for a change…how about you?