Chocolate Covered Cherry Hamentashen

My absolute favorite confection is chocolate covered cherries and the people that love me the most (that would be my husband and my mom) know this, so whenever they buy me some candy, there will usually be some chocolate covered cherries in there. Now that my kid is old enough to be a sentient being, he has become aware of the delights of chocolate covered cherries and is pretty much obsessed with them. This last Valentines Day once the supply of chocolate covered cherries was exhausted, he cast aside the other plentiful chocolates as being not worthy of his attention (good, more for me then). So when we were brainstorming hamentashen to make for Purim (butterscotch apricot, chocolate chocolate chip, honey and fig) he latched on to the chocolate covered cherry concept and wouldn’t let go. So here is my take on chocolate covered cherries in a hamentashen cookie.

Fortunately, it was pretty easy. Make LilaLoa’s Chocolate Cookie recipe and chop some maraschino cherries for the filling. For the latter you can use a food processor or do it by hand. The goal is to get some finer bits as well as some more sizable chunks. There is a lot of juice in maraschino cherries, so after you chop them, drain that excess liquid away.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Hamentashen | Chai & Home

Now, I’m a folder not a pincher as I feel that is the best way to create perfect hamentashen. This cookie would also look amazing with some additional chocolate drizzled over it and I’m sorry I didn’t do that. I cut off the bottom of one of my Purim Word Play Bags to store them in.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Hamentashen | Chai & Home

Chocolate Covered Cherry Hamentashen | Chai & Home

LilaLoa’s chocolate cookie is so moist and so are the cherries so these cookies really are an amazing facsimile of the chocolate covered cherry in cookie form. A few packed in the bag and with gragger in hand we are ready to hear the Megillah reading!



Chocolate Covered Cherry Hamentashen

Makes about 24 cookies


1 batch of LilaLoa’s Chocolate Cookie dough

1 jar maraschino cherries (about 10-14oz)


1. Make chocolate cookie dough.

2. Chop maraschino cherries in a food processor or by hand.

3. Cut and form hamentashen with cherries as filling.

4. Bake at 375 F for 7-10 minutes. Remove and let cool on rack.