Chanukah on Main Street 2015

It’s time for my yearly round up of Hanukkah decor near you and I’m just going to lay it out on the line right now…Chanukah on Main Street is really depressing this year. That’s not because there isn’t anything new…there is, which I will get to in a moment. But it is just all so derivative.

Winter pastels are the hot trend right now, influenced by the metal of the moment…rose gold (copper’s love child with gold) which looks incredible with light greens and pinks. In CB2’s Winter catalog they introduce their winter pastel palette by saying that “a person can take only so much red and green” but when it comes to Hanukkah, nope. No modern palettes for you. You (or shall I say Jew) will get blue. Jews never get tired of blue, right? So here is what is new in blue:


Pottery Barn Hanukkah 2015

Pottery Barn’s Hanukkah look is a lot more fresh and contemporary than in years past. I was quite pleasantly surprised to see their practical Star of David motif which can be used for any gathering beyond Hanukkah. Both the table linen and dinnerware is called Rebekkah and there is also a funny Menorah Salt & Pepper Shaker which makes a nice gift. Last year’s fabulous punched metal menorah is followed up with another compelling design they are calling the Metal Clad Menorah. It is supposedly entirely metal so I’m not sure what the cladding is about. See the entire Pottery Barn Hanukkah Collection here.


Williams Sonoma Hanukkah 2015

Williams Sonoma has new table linen and serveware this year. Both lines are called Star of David and they feature a modest Mogen David motif…so modest I really had to search for it. The absence of Hanukkah motifs means you can use these items for any Jewish occasion, which is good. The linens are pretty similar in sentiment to the “Hand of Miriam Jacquard” they did in 2013.  The Star of David serveware consists of a salad plate, serving platter and condiment bowl. All classically traditional and very reminiscent of Spode with it’s rich cobalt blue hue. You can shop the Williams Sonoma Hanukkah Collection here.


Crate and Barrel Hanukkah 2015

Crate and Barrel Dreidels

Although Crate & Barrel has the same whimsical Hanukkah linens and tableware as last year, they did add these cute dreidels. Definitely picking up those for my dreidel collection. These Star of David Antiqued Silver Glass Candle Holders are also new. I’m not a fan of the hurricane but I like the tealight. If I didn’t have several dozen mercury glass votive holders I would pick up some…but I might pick up some anyway. Click here for the whole Crate & Barrel Hanukkah offering.


Pier 1 Hanukkah 2015

I usually don’t devote a lot of time to the Pier 1 line because it is so Christmasy…or perhaps I should say interfaith, but because they invested in a lot of new product photography for their Hanukkah line, they deserve a shout-out. The most notable items are mantel scarf, banner, and wall hanging. There is a plethora of ornaments for your Hanukkah bush too and blue and silver tree decor. The only thing really to my taste is the Hanukkah Star Tealight holders which are at a good price. See the entire Pier 1 Hanukkamas line here.


The saddest thing on Main Street is seeing that West Elm had nothing for Hanukkah. Last year they introduced some fantastic stuff, but very little is returning this year. I’m hoping perhaps they just haven’t launched yet and I’ll keep my eye out.



I was really disappointed by my local Target. The display was a fraction of what it was two years ago and although things were tasteful (and blue), I was underwhelmed compared to the amazeballs Threshold/Nate Berkus Christmas display area. They have more online though, including this Color Your Own Hanukkah Tablecover. Don’t worry, you can color it blue. There is also the Blue Santa Suit. *sigh*

– –

I know blue fatigue is not just me. Last weekend when I was at the Hanukkah Boutique selling my wares, a woman came up to my table and looked for a moment before a glimmer of recognition passed over her face. She looked up to me and said “It’s all Jewish…and none of it is blue. I love it!”

But what about you…are you in the blue forever camp or does blue give a whole new meaning to “never again” for you?



  • Blue blue blue blue blue
    and then the stores wonder why it doesn’t sell. Many years ago, when Starbucks still did travel mugs for chanukah, they did a gorgeous design in copper and white. I still have it. I wrote them an email telling them how much I loved it (and why…..). Then they stopped doing chanukah mugs altogether. (sigh) Im sure they felt they didn’t sell well enough. And are there other ways of making Judaica without a menorah or a star of david on an item? How hard is it for the art dept to do a little research with google?

  • Fantastic post — I loved your questions at the end — I am a bit of both somethings are meant to be blue but then again variety is the spice of life they say!

  • Blue is one of my favorite colors in general, but it sure is disappointing that no one at these stores thinks to use other colors! For Chanukah I tend to use lots of metallics with blue accents — it feels fresher and very festive to me. And I go heavier on the blue for the more interfaithy decorations (the husband wanted a wreath for the front door, so I crafted one with blue and silver ribbons and blue dreidels). But if the stores ever sell something in a color other than blue, sign me up!

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