Cold Fruit Soup

Rainforest Silk Dress by Anthropologie

Eton Mess: The Easiest Dessert Ever | Chai & Home

Shavuot Torah Study Tips

10 Tips for Studying Torah on Shavuot

Saturday night is the first night of Shavuot. On this night it is a centuries-old tradition to observe an all-night vigil consisting of Torah study to prepare for receiving the Torah anew the … See more →

Cupcake Toppers for Shavuot

Floral Challah for Shavuot

Floral Touches for that Shavuot Feeling

Floral Touches For That Shavuot Feeling

What’s not to love about Shavuot? Flowers, cheesecake…cheesecake, flowers. To get your place into that Shavuot feeling, here are some pretty floral touches you can add, many of them quite inexpensive. … See more →


Seven Species Banner: Hanging

7 Species Menu Planner

The 7 Species Menu Planner + Printable

Eating a ceremonial meal including the seven species of Israel is becoming more and more common in modern Jewish tradition. The seven species are currently customary on Tu B’Shevat, Sukkot and … See more →