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Anatomy of the Perfect Hamentashen

The Anatomy of Perfect Hamentashen

Making hamentashen is one of those things that on face value isn’t very difficult, but to do it really, really well takes some practice. After a couple of failed attempts, I … See more →

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5 Stylish and Free Purim Printables

Purim is a little over 1 month away! Time to get cracking on preparations. The Jewniverse is filled with such amazing blogs and talent, I wanted to showcase some of … See more →

The Purim Pail Mishloach Manot

Cherry Nutella Hamentashen

Kids Games for a Killer Kids Purim Party

Purim Paper Crown

Besamim Bubbly: A Champagne Cocktail

Black Pail Mishloach Manot

The Purim Pail: This Year’s Purim Basket Ideas

So I’ve given a little thought into my Purim Baskets this year. My first step is always to browse Save on Crafts for inspiration, because I think they have great containers that … See more →

Purim Costume