How To Build The Perfect Seder Plate

Martha Stewart didn’t invent perfect to make us all feel inferior. For Jews, perfection has been an important observance concept for millennia. The Torah must be written perfectly or the scribe must start over with a new parchment. The etrog is examined for perfection in order for it to be deemed suitable for ritual use, and at services an oleh ensures the portion is read correctly.

Likewise, we can approach the seder plate with the mindfulness of perfection as it is the ultimate centerpiece for a seder table. There is beauty in perfection and it gives me naches to see everyone looking admiring of the seder plate. Not in my handicraft but in the specialness of the setting and everything it represents at Passover. Here are my top tips for putting together a beautiful seder plate.

How To Build The Perfect Seder Plate

Seder Plate


Here are some resources that helped in putting together the plate you see above:

1 / Printable seder plate labels 

2 / The 5,000 Year Old Marbled Egg

3 / The Kitchn’s amazing Medjool Date and Apple Charoset



All photos by B & G Photography