Bubbe’s Bargain: Numi Candleholders

When I first thought of the Bubbe’s Bargain column, these Numi Candlesticks came to mind immediately. Offered by CB2 for at least a couple of years, they are an incredible price at $4.95 each, less than a tenner for a set! What I love about them is their clean design and elegant fragility..they are absolutely feather light. They also make a great gift…as long as the recipient doesn’t find out the price!

Its difficult to decide which of the three I like best but I lean towards the 1-ring and the 2-ring. Although I think the 10-ring is awesome when set with the others, I wouldn’t really use them by themselves for Shabbat as I think they would just be a little too weird. But at this price, why not buy a set of all three?

Numi Candleholders