Book Cover Ideas for An Ugly Haggadah

I’m slowly turning my attention to Passover (now that Purim is practically in the bag) and one thing on my mind is how ugly my haggadah is. I use A Family Haggadah II by Shoshana Silberman which I love, but it’s not much to look at (from the outside at least). So, I’ve been gathering some inspiration on what I could do to it.


Gratitude Journal from Lulu the Baker

Classic papers with a simple sticker label make a stunning combination in these book covers.  This definitely looks do-able.

Newsprint Book Cover

Newsprint book covers from Unknown Source

Oooh…vintage-y. I like how the twine and wax seal could also be used as a bookmark. 


Brown paper book covers by Mara Zepeda on Design Sponge

I love this white lettering on the brown paper. I’d put the lettering on the front since my haggadah barely has much of a spine, but I’m not confident enough about my calligraphic writing to do this one. 



Book cover and bookmark by Twig & Thistle

This is the piece de resistance. A book mark is integrated into the cover and also does triple duty as a named placeholder.  Go to their site for even more stunning images of this project. 

So there are a lot of options to make an ugly haggadah beautiful. I suppose what I really need to do first is decide how to set the table…


  • I’d like to recover my family haggadot with a laminated photo collage of family members~past and present. I’m sure there is something like Pic Stich that would do that. A bit of visual family history, maybe some brief family facts and names. It would be nice to pull those out every year to remember who we are and where we came from. As the family grows, we could add more covers.

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