Have a Very Berry Shavuot With These Ideas for the Festival of First Fruits

Shavuot has so many different themes you can focus on for your celebration. One of those is the concept of the Festival of First Fruits. Although traditionally this was reserved exclusively for the first fruits of the seven species of Israel, in modern times this has become more widely associated with any fruit. We are accustomed to thinking about fruits atop cheesecake and blintzes, but you can also add fruits to your cocktails and even meld them into your ice cubes as shown below. In addition to your fruit filled menu, red stripes and ticking are the perfect pattern accompaniment on a pristine white background. Buy them for Shavuot and use them again for Independence Day! Just in case you didn’t know, pink is the hot trend in tableware this year so if you have always wanted a set, there is no better time to stock up. Here are some fruit related fun recipes with matching tableware to get you in the Shavuot mood.

Berry Berry Shavuot Inspiration | Chai & Home

Featured recipes & items: Sparkling Pomegranate Champagne from Sweet Remedy // French Stripe Napkins from Williams-Sonoma // Red ticking table linen from Unknown Source // Blintzes for Shavuot from Labna // No Bake Berry Cheesecake from Jelanie // Champagne and Blood Orange Ice Cubes from Domestic Fits // SOMMAR 2017 Dinnerware from IKEA

See even more recipes and products for this board on my Berry Berry Shavuot Pinterest Board.


  • Thanks for featuring my blintzes, glad you like them!
    Your blog is lovely, I’ll follow it from now on.

    • They are not just beautifully made, but also beautifully styled. The perfect image of a blintz.

  • I have just started getting your emails. The truth is, I am not Jewish. I am a Christian who worships in a Baptist Church. However, I have become truly interested in your faith. This began with your observance of the Passover. In the little bit of reading I have done, I thought that the Festival of First Fruits came in April. Obviously, I do not know anything about this. Can you recommend a book that will give simple explanations of Jewish life? The one thing I do know is I admire your dedication to keeping the Sabbath holy. Thanks for your help.

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