Bag It, Badge It, and Stick It With These New Purim Products

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I was horrified the other day to find out how early Purim is this year. It begins on Feb 28…that’s right, next month! Love it or hate it, there is always something to celebrate on the Jewish calendar.

What you are looking at here are my new mishloach manot designs for Purim this year. As much as I loved my designs for the last two years, I had some manufacturing problems with several of the products, so I was forced to redesign the entire line, including discontinuing several items. Ever since starting with bags, I’m a firm believer that for an easy and economical mishloach manot, they are the way to go without compromising on style. This year’s line includes printed and plain bags as well as stickers. Even though the bags are pretty economical, I know many folks wanted an even lower price-point so my solution to that is the introduction of stickers you can dress up any plain container with.

The design features a rustic, industrial, vintage kind of feel that I think is pretty au courant.

Purim Bags & Stickers | Chai & Home

The stickers are made to coordinate with any old bag or with our pre-printed ones. I love the way the hamentashen sticker looks on a plain bag. It is so simple but also just screams PURIM!

Purim Bags | Chai & Home

The pre-printed bags are available in lunch bag sizes as well as small bag sizes to be used as party bags or smaller mishloach manot.

Purim Party Bags | Chai & Home

If you want to see the entire line, check them out at the Chai & Home Shop.