A Latke Noshing Party Hanukkah Menu

If you aren’t holding the “main” event this year but are still having people over for one of the eight nights of Hanukkah, here is an idea to set your party apart from the others: host a cocktail party featuring only bite-size, appetizers on a buffet. With turkey and/or brisket typically on the menu for Thanksgivukkah, this menu is lighter and dairy only. Have kids coming? Add some individual macaroni and cheese portions. This party allows guests to nosh and graze and frees you from the formality and organization of a sit-down dinner.

Latke Party Menu

Featured recipes: Cheese Board (Unknown Pinterest source) // Mulled Wine from Flourishing Foodie // Classic Potato Latkes from Cooking Light // Stuffed Mushrooms from A Pumpkin and A Princess // Crostini with Bleu Cheese, Honey and Peaches from Bev Cooks // Sufganiyot from Tablespoon

To find even more recipes for a Latke noshing party of your own, check out my Hanukkah: Latke Noshing Party Pinterest Board.




  • Mollie says:

    I really like your cheese selection with the crostini. It is a little known fact that cheese is actually part of the story of Chanukah. Judith, the Maccabee sister, used salted cheese to stimulate the thirst of General Holofernes, causing him to drink lots of wine and then, pass out drunk. At that point, Judith cuts off his head. The troops are unable to function and disband, the Maccabees storm the Temple and history is made with the one jar of oil. Cheese is definitely more a part of Chanukah munching than than any other side dish to the traditional fried foods. BTW, just gained 5 lbs looking at the photos. Sigh….

  • Elisha says:

    Love this idea! A bite sized nosh Chanukah cocktail party would be great for a celebration with friends vs a family event. I am going to follow this Pinterest board immediately!

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