9 Things You Can Do Now To Get Ready For The High Holidays

8 Things You Can Do Now To Prepare for the High Holidays

This year has just flown by. I can’t believe it is already time to start thinking about the High Holidays! Get a jump on the new year with tackling a few things now. Here is where you can start:

#1 – Invite Early!

If you want to be entertaining this year be sure to invite your guests early…like now. People’s calendars get really booked so you’ll want be the first to do the inviting so you can have your pick of guests and days. There is nothing worse than receiving an invitation to make you realize you haven’t sent out yours. (Well, okay there are a lot of things worse…like climate change.)

#2 – Practice Your Recipes

If you are entertaining and want to treat your guests to new recipes, be sure to try them out now. You’ll feel less stressed because you’ve experienced the recipe before and may even want to make some adjustments based on your own personal tastes. Also practicing early means your family doesn’t have to eat the same thing 6 days in a row because you waited to practice until a few days before.

#3 – Consider Key Outfits

Nothing makes you feel more confident than an outfit you feel great in. If you’ve gone through all the effort to set a beautiful table as well as create a fantastic and memorable meal, don’t let yourself down by wearing something you feel down about. Whether going to temple or entertaining at home, wear something you want. Don’t wait until October to find a white dress for Yom Kippur. Do that now when summer dresses are plentiful and on sale.

#4 – Buy Your High holiday Tickets

If you don’t have enough tickets for your entire family, be sure to secure some tickets now before there are none left. If you aren’t a member of a temple, you’ll definitely need a ticket for some of the services, but usually not all so check the schedule.


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#5 – Order A New Calendar

If there is only one Jewish thing you buy all year, it should be a Jewish calendar. If you’ve never had one before, here I outline why a Jewish Calendar is essential to starting your observance.

#6 – Buy New Years Cards

Start shopping for your New Years cards now so you have them on hand when you need to start sending them out. You can see a few Rosh Hashanah cards I offer here or my Pinterest board Jewish Note Cards for some nice ones.

#7 – Buy Hostess Gifts

If you are going to be a guest this year, consider procuring your hostess gifts now, especially if you want to buy something unique that has to be ordered online. Here are 5 Unique Hostess Gifts for Rosh Hashanah that are reasonably priced.

#8 – Buy Entertaining Essentials

Take a moment to reflect on what you needed the last time you entertained or what you weren’t happy with. Whether you hate your dinnerware or need a water dispenser, buy that now so when the holidays come around you can focus on food shopping.

#9 – Consider Your Sukkah

Sukkot comes so quickly after the High Holidays that it helps to have a general game plan for your sukkah before the holidays start to avoid rushing around when the stores are closed. For me, I already know we are continuing with our metal pipe sukkah this year and I know to buy the schach early as the bamboo one I wanted was all sold out.

– – –

A little planning now can help you get in control of what is a pretty busy time.