The 8 Hottest Hanukkah Gifts of 2016

If you are looking for a Hanukkah gift or just a regular gift this winter, look no further! These are the best of the best Jewish-themed gifts that are available this year:

Hot Hanukkah Gifts for 2016 | Chai & Home


1 – Halva Gift Box from Seed + Mill. Unless you are in NYC or Israel, you probably can’t get good halva so what is better for the diaspora foodie than this 4-halva assortment packaged in a beautiful box. Only people with great taste give great taste.

2 – Mischling by Affinity Konar is considered one of the best books of the year and has topped many a best books list. It’s set in Auschwitz so you know it’s going to be fun, not. If your recipient is more political, try Hillbilly Elegy instead.

3 – O Washing Cup by Uvtuvo. The best Judaica piece of 2016 in my book goes to David Orlansky at Uvtuvo for his ingenious and beautiful washing cup. For the home, this gift stands alone.

4 –Totes Koshe T-shirt from Unkosher Market. What says fashion more than a waif with a thigh gap? Gifting this t-shirt will show that you are definitely hipper than you look.

5 – Kulanu k’echad Poster by Hillel Smith. Impress the recipient with your knowledge Hebrew and taste by gifting this poster that depicts the phrase “All of us as one” in a mesmerizing pointillism.

6 & 7 – Gefilte Manifesto and Breaking Breads. One can’t have enough kosher cookbooks and my, my, was 2016 a hot year for kosher cookbooks. Not a month went by without a must-buy. My two top picks are The Gefilte Manifesto (for of course its title alone), and Breaking Breads, which explores the world of Israeli bake-ry.

8 – Personalized Cutting Board from Uncommon Goods. Sure names are cute, but imagine this cutting board with “shabbat” or “challah” on it instead. Awesome.



  • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the washing cup! Interestingly, I came across it today on Amazon, as I was looking for some modern Judaica pieces. We already have a washing cup, but this is truly a piece of art! It could even serve as a modern flower vase! I hope they come out with more interesting and modern Judaica products. I love this one!

    • I believe that is their intention. They launched a kiddish set also this year. I’ll definitely be keeping our eye on what’s to come out of Uvtuvo.

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