7 Valentine’s Day Cards Your Bashert will Love

They say the reason Paul McCartney wrote so many love songs was because he was so deeply in love with his first wife Linda. Well, I suppose maybe that is my excuse too. I do make an inordinate amount of cards devoted to love and affection in comparison to cards of other occasions. This year I’ve launched even more and although I didn’t really expressly create them for Valentine’s Day, they certainly are perfect for the occasion. Won’t Jew Be My Valentine? Oooh, that’s a good one. I should make that into a card.

Jewish Valentines Cards | Chai & Home

There is nothing like a good pun on a greeting card. Bagels and knishes provide the perfect setup.

You Are My Everything

Sending You Hugs & Knishes

You Are The Schmear On My Bagel

Jewish Valentines Cards | Chai & Home

These might be the only greeting cards available with blintzes on them. I couldn’t decide between the two of these, so I made them both. I’ve cornered the market!

You Are One Hot Blintz

We Go Together Like Two Blintzes

Jewish Valentines Cards | Chai & Home

The Yiddish cards I make are always my favorite. Pictures of them never do them justice because they are printed on an amazing paper.

I’m Bubkes Without You

I Love Your Shtick

With that out of my system, I need to focus on sympathy cards which people ask for all the time.  Fun.

L’ Chaim!


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