Craft This 7 Species Banner In 15 Minutes {Free Printable}

Seven Species Banner

I’ve been a little 7 species crazy this week. First, I created my 7 species menu planner the other day and I’ve still been enamored with the design, so I expanded on it and created this 7 Species Banner. It is not only cute for Tu B’Shevat but would look great in a sukkah.  Along the way, I devised a nifty trick to make any banner or bunting evenly spaced!

Seven Species Banner: Individual Unit

First, you’ll want to download the banner and print it on the paper of your choice. A heavier paper is always best for a banner. Cut each flag out and punch a hole in each unit. I punched a hole in the middle but you can also put them in a corner. Now here is the trick: instead of having one big long string (here I used twine), cut individual lengths for each of the flags! Tie each length to a flag using the loop shown above.

Seven Species Banner: Tied Together

Then, I cut each of the tails so they were of equal length on each of the flags. I did this just by holding them together. Simply tie the right thread of one flag to the left thread of the other banner in a knot. What is cool about this method is that not only are they evenly spaced, but you get a little flourish in between with the extra twine.

Seven Species Banner: Hanging

Seven Species Banner: Finished

So that’s it. It’s out of my system. I promise no more seven species until after Tu B’Shevat!