50 Mishloach Manot Ideas and Inspiration

So many mishloach manot ideas, so little time. It is a shame we only have once a year to do this custom. I’ve been collecting all my favorite ideas for Purim Baskets on my Mishloach Manot Pinterest Board. On the board you can find cute DIY ideas for themes as well as packaging. Do note: not all examples on the board exhibit the correct halachos of mishloach manot.

Just to recap on the main points regarding what can be included:

  1. Two different foods (or drink) should be included.
  2. The foods or drink should not require preparation, meaning they are ready to eat.

But that is just regarding the food. AISH has a great summary of the rest of the Laws of Mishloach Manot but as always, consult your rabbi for the correct customs of your community.

50 Mishloach Manot Ideas and Inspiration | Chai & Home

So head on over to Pinterest to check out the board and let me know…what you are planning this year?