5 White Dresses for Yom Kippur Under $100

So yesterday when I was preparing my Yom Kippur: Pure White Table Setting post, I realized I don’t have a white dress for Yom Kippur. That is typical me…I’ve got the table sorted out but not myself. I dug up 5 great finds for under $100. Some are sleeveless so you may want a cover up to go with it.

Lace Trimmed Dress

Lace Trimmed Dress from H & M ($49.95)

Love shift dresses and H&M is my standby. 

 Daisy Wheeling Around Dress

Daisy Wheeling Around Dress from ModCloth ($79.99)

I have several dresses from ModCloth but this one is “hand wash”…hmmm.

 Tilly Dress

Tilly Dress from Anthropologie ($99.95)

Boo…this one is no longer available. 

Moto Organza Overlay Dress

MOTO Organza Overlay Dress from Topshop ($96.00)

Love the layers of the white overlay over the blue dress…so pretty.

 Dobby Jacquard White Dress

Dobby Jacquard Fit and Flare Dress from The Gap ($69.95)

A basic shape and machine washable. This would work in a pinch. 

With summer over and past Labor Day, it is actually a great time to buy a white dress…coincidence or providence?




    • I don’t think it is halacha to wear white, but it is customary to wear white in many communities from Orthodox to Reformed. Men have a specific garment called a kittel, which is an over-garment that is entirely white. I’ve seen women just wear regular white clothing. You should always consult your rabbi or community leader if you aren’t sure which custom your community prefers.

  • Thank you for the white reminder!!! i completely forgot! I need to pull out my whites for friday night and saturday!

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