5 Ways To Make Your Passover Table Wow

Everyone loves to look at a beautiful Passover table but sometimes it is hard to decipher what makes it look amazing. Here I’ve assembled my top 5 tips on how to get your Passover table setting from good to great.


Ways to Make Your Passover Table Wow | Chai & Home

If there is one, single thing you can do to make your Passover table look awesome, it is coordinate or limit your color palette. You’ll notice on this page that most of the tables have a color that is repeated over and over again, whether it is white or brown or no color at all. If you hate your china set you can even get disposable tableware that looks like the real thing.


Ways To Make Your Passover Table Wow | Chai & Home

I go to a lot of dinner parties where the table is set sparingly with everything still in the kitchen. The hostess will then bring things out as needed…the dessert spoons, wine glasses, etc. Instead of this approach, try when setting the table to bring it all out! Put all the glasses and cutlery on the table. It will give a fuller, more bountiful experience and add an air of formality to your Passover table. Almost half of the people dining at the formal table above were children. I always set out the wine glasses even at the children’s’ spots and I’ve never had a child break a glass (even though the parents said they would). Many people are loathe to create a beautiful table if children are present but did you know a fancy table makes children behave better?


Ways To Make Your Seder Table Wow | Chai & Home

It’s hard to find a great looking Haggadah that you also like the inside of and since I change my Passover table appearance from year to year it is especially difficult to find one that changes with my mood. To solve the mismatched Haggadah problem, cover your Haggadah like in the first picture, or hide it under a napkin entirely, as I did above.


Ways to Make Your Passover Table Wow | Chai & Home

You’ll see almost all of the tables on this page have place setting name cards. None of them were purchased and none of them are particularly fancy yet they set such a nice tone for the table. The one above was printed using a computer printer and regular office paper but others on this page were hand written. Name cards are one of those things that don’t have to be fancy but still give a formal, planned feel to the table.


Ways to Make Your Seder Table Wow | Chai & Home

The seder plate is not a serving platter. I repeat: the seder plate is not a serving platter. The seder plate displays symbolic foods for ceremonial purposes and because it is ceremonial, treat it with the same care that an ancient kohen treated the temple. Yes, we eat the same symbolic foods as present on a seder plate, but we don’t need to eat them from the seder plate. There are many different seder plate strategies to choose from, including having an individual seder plate at each setting. Whichever you choose, follow these steps to create a perfectly manicured seder plate.

So those are my top tips. What about yours? Is your table the stuff of lore or will you be upping your game this Passover?